Esco Industries has a long and proud tradition within Australia as one of the largest and oldest vertically integrated companies that designs, manufactures, and distributes products for two intersecting markets: medical engineering and electrical distribution.

As an Australian-owned, privately held business, we are an ISO9001 (Quality Management Systems) certified organisation with a long-established reputation for innovation and development. Our business ethos has remained consistent – we design industry-leading technology engineered for performance and longevity.

Comprising three business units; Esco Industries, Masrap MediTek and Modempak, we continually strive to advance and improve our products and service offerings. Our solutions are used throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia, providing critical services in environments where performance cannot be compromised.

Esco Industries has been a major player in the healthcare industry for 70 years, with our main manufacturing facility and head office proudly located in Silverwater, NSW, with additional offices around Australia and New Zealand.

Our highly qualified and experienced engineers, coupled with our manufacturing flexibility and capacity, vertical integration, and a sales and management team that boasts over 100 years of collective industry experience, make us the most experienced and capable business in our field of expertise.

The Esco Group of Companies

Esco Management & Sales team

Steve Adams
Managing Director,

Tyson Collins
General Manager, AUS & NZ

Mark Gray
Financial Controller, AUS & NZ

Anthony Walker
Sales Manager, AUS

Andrew Sellers

Kevin Attard

David Duncan

Our Products

Hospital & Healthcare

Our company provides a diverse range of products to various Healthcare and Hospital settings, including Hospitals (Public and Private), Veterinary and Dental Practices, Surgical Centres, Day Surgeries, Health Clinics, Imaging & Radiology, and more. Our product offerings include Medical Services Panels (MSPs)Medical Gas OutletsMedical Gas Isolation Valve BoxesResidual Current Devices (RCDs)Medical General Purpose Outlets (GPOs) among others.

Aged Care

Our comprehensive range of products are suited to different types of Aged Care facilities, including Nursing Homes, Retirement Villages, Assisted Living Centres, and Disability Accommodation. Our products include Large SwitchesLarge Switches & DimmersLarge Switch – Standard General Purpose Outlets (GPOs)Large Switch – Medical General Purpose Outlets (GPOs) and more.


Esco Industries provides a wide range of products for various Commercial settings such as Offices, Educational Institutions, Shopping Centres, Showrooms, Restaurants, Medical Facilities, Retail Stores, Accommodation, Industrial Construction Sites, and Sporting Facilities. Our product line includes the Floor Boxes and Outlets (Endura Series)Duct – Skirting & Bench (AOL Series)Duct – Galvanised (WD Series)Duct – Vertical Services Columns (Spacepole Series) and more.

Mental Health

We provide products and services to various Mental Healthcare facilities such as Psychiatric Hospitals (Public and Private), Psychiatric Units and Wards, Residential Care Facilities and more. Our range of offerings includes Solid Plate Switchgear – Tamper ProofResidual Current Devices (RCDs) – Tamper ProofMedical Services Panels (MSPs)Secure Services Panels (SSPs), and other related products.


Esco Industries supplies product solutions to Prisons, Correctional Centres, Juvenile Detention Centres, and Remand Centres. These products include Secure Services Panels (SSPs)Residual Current Devices (RCDs) – Tamper ProofSolid Plate Switchgear – Tamper ProofMedical Area Signs and are designed to meet the critical needs of these facilities.